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Supercar Sunday car shows offer amazing automotive diversity and passion.  From the rarest and most exotic cars from the world over, to the hottest rods, muscle cars, imports, “one offs” and just about everything else, they all visist Supercar Sunday weekly.  Supercar Sunday illustrates the passion of the automobile and  offers camaraderie of the automotive community.  At Supercar Sunday you never know who will attend and with what.  From celebrities to race car drivers, designers even to us regular guys,  Supercar Sunday is always full of surprises.  It is the place to see and be seen if you are an automotive enthusiast.  (Courtesy of The Auto Gallery website).

Supercar Sunday is held the first Sunday of each month throughout summer and fall.  The venue is held in Woodland Hills in the Westfield Promenade parking lot on the corner of Topanga Canyon and Erwin Street.

On  August 2nd my favorite  American Sports Car, the Corvette,  was featured.

Marque Schedule:

  • August 2 Corvette
  • September 6 Porsche
  • October 4 Audi
  • November 1 Pre-1970 European Cars
  • December 6 Motor4Toys

Sean Riley, a patriarch of the Ventura Redline Corvette Club,  put out a call to the members to make a short run to Woodhills to  display our Corvettes and enjoy the show.   Normally,  I don’t jump out of bed at 5:30 am on Sunday mornings, but this was something I had to  experience.    Sure I have been to world class car shows, but I had never participated in  such an eclectic showing of automotive history and have been surrounded by such enthusiastic LA “car guys”.   I don’t know the exact count,  but it had to be near 1000 vehicles and of that maybe 100 plus Corvettes.  It was a good morning!  I highly recommend that you roll out early one Sunday and check it out.


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